Louis Poulsen

Creating growth through investments in brand, product development and sales excellence

Louis Poulsen experienced strong development under Polaris’ ownership, generating considerable revenue and earnings growth. The positive development has been driven by significant investments in the Company’s brand, product development and sales process as well as organizational and operational improvements. As a result of the strong operational focus, Louis Poulsen has improved quality and efficiency in the product development process while simultaneously reducing time-to-market for new products and lowering sourcing costs in recent years.

HTC Sweden

Global expansion driven by considerable R&D investment

HTC Sweden has experienced a rapid growth and global expansion as a result of significant investments in the company itself as a growth platform as well as sales excellence initiatives. An important part of the business plan has been the development and commercialization of the revolutionizing product platform DURATIQ™ launched in September 2016. This project was the largest ever R&D project in the company’s history and a game-changer in the industry.


Driving Strategic and Operational Transformation

Skamol is a leading global developer, producer and supplier of insulation materials. In partnership with Polaris and the Board, Skamol’s Management succeeded in tripling the EBITDA and prepared the company for further international expansion. This transformation was achieved through significant investments in production, improvements in the company’s platform and processes and an acquisition in Russia.

Hamlet Protein

Facilitating Positive Generational Succession

Hamlet Protein is a global, market-leading provider of high-quality, soy-based animal feed. Following the positive CEO succession and strengthening of the management team facilitated by Polaris, Hamlet Protein expanded extensively through the establishment of a large-scale US production facility. Sales more than doubled during the Polaris ownership period.

Skånska Byggvaror

Supporting Rapid Sales Expansion and Operational Improvement

Skånska Byggvaror is Sweden’s number one online DIY retailer. Cooperating with the founding family, Polaris facilitated a positive generational succession. Rapid sales expansion was achieved through acquisitions in Norway and Denmark and developing the product range. New showrooms were established and dedicated web competences added to the organization. Sales almost doubled in four years accompanied by healthy margins.