The Power of Partnership

Polaris is founded on the belief that the power of partnerships can make good companies great. We are a private equity firm focused on transforming mid-sized companies in the Nordics.


Our partnerships

At Polaris, we invest in partnerships with owners and management teams, enabling mid-sized companies in the Nordics to reach their full potential. We aim to help develop, strengthen, and grow companies in the Nordics.

Previous partnerships

How we support our portfolio companies

Polaris Excellence Model

With the ‘Polaris Excellence Model’, we put our vast experience and expertise working with Nordic mid-sized companies into practice. The objective of our Excellence Model is to support company development by providing management teams with guidance and support on how to tackle key development areas practically and efficiently.


Our responsibility

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business. Integrating sustainability considerations in everything we do enables us to drive long-term value and be a successful investor & private equity firm. We recognize the moral imperative of doing the right thing and acting responsibly.

The 2022 Polaris Sustainability Report


Our team

At Polaris, we bring a range of backgrounds, capabilities, and industry experience to the table. Today, we are more than 50 professionals with expertise in management, finance, business development, and various industries.



Polaris Flexible Capital

Polaris Flexible Capital I, is an independent closed-end investment fund, which focusses on investments within the junior tiers of the capital structure and minority equity positions.


Polaris Public Equity

Polaris Public Equity is a Nordic focused, collaborative engagement strategy, which invests in listed companies with a private equity approach when it comes to analysis and ownership.


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