Polaris Public Equity

A Nordic-focused, collaborative engagement strategy focused on public companies with significant value creation potential

Investment strategy

Polaris Public Equity (“PPU”) invests in listed companies taking a private equity approach when it comes to analysis and ownership. PPU focuses on the small- and midmarket segment, targeting companies with a market capitalization from EUR 75mn.

PPU primarily focuses on well-established, profitable companies with a strong market position. The companies are based in Northern Europe, mainly the Nordic countries and hold a local, regional or global potential for value growth.

The fund seeks minority investments in listed companies, often resulting in a significant shareholding. Committed to creating shareholder value, PPU utilizes the Polaris Excellence Model as a strategic toolbox for value creation.

In alignment with the investment philosophy, PPU practices long-only investments, and does not engage in short investments.

  • Small- and midmarket segment
  • Well-established, profitable companies
  • Northen Europe, mainly Nordic
  • Minority investments in listed companies
  • Leverage Polaris Excellence Model to create shareholder value
  • Long-only and no short investments

PPU opportunity

Take advantage of market inefficiencies

PPU strategy

Analysis advantage

Significant resources and private equity methodology to invest in what we know

Drive value creation

Actively drive Polaris private equity excellence model

Issues in public markets

  • Equity research focus on large cap
    • Poor transparency in small- and midcaps
  • Most public market investors do not have own research capabilities
    • Fees not covering cost of analysis resources
  • Poor governance in many small- and midcap companies
    • Few professional and active owners
    • Limited strategic resources in small companies

PPU opportunity

  • Dedicated team with extensive experience of executing strategy
  • Utilize resources of larger firm
    • Process driven
    • Industry expertise
    • ESG framework and implementation skills
  • Work together with other owners and management teams to drive private equity style value creation
    • Focus on a few value levers with significant potential

Strong investment team with significant experience within public and private equities

Investment team - Polaris Public Equity

Roger Hagborg

Oskar Andersson

Carl Brusewitz

Carl Ragnartz

Investment support resources


Lene Møller Rønfeldt


Anders Skouenborg


Frederik Wodstrup Christiansen


Martin Bang-Löwgren

Investment advisory board

Jan Johan Kühl

Jesper Langmack

Niels Worning

Contact details

Roger Hagborg

+46 706 678 515

Carl Brusewitz

+46 708 442 097

Jan Johan Kühl

+45 3525 3462
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