Sustainability at Polaris

At Polaris, we work with sustainability because doing the right thing is a moral imperative. We view sustainability as an integrated part of long-term value creation. It is critical to take responsibility in order to be a successful private equity investor.

We have a responsibility towards our many stakeholders, and we recognize that our responsibility goes beyond our own organization. It includes the broader impact we have on all stakeholder of Polaris: Our employees, customers, suppliers, and the societies where we and our portfolio companies are active.

Our commitment

To honour our responsibility, we have integrated sustainability throughout Polaris at three different levels and our performance is evaluated accordingly:


Polaris as a fund manager: How we integrate sustainability in our investment process


Polaris’ portfolio: How our portfolio companies work with sustainability and their progress


Polaris Management: How we work with sustainability in our own organization and our progress

We also work to promote sustainability throughout the investment industry, and we pledge to be transparent and report on our progress in our annual sustainability report.

Within our scope of sustainability, we include potential social, environmental, and economic impacts across Polaris including our portfolio companies and their supply chains. We dedicate extra attention to three focus areas across Polaris:


Climate action

Work to combat climate change


Gender Equality

Support gender equality and gender diversity


Working environment

Work to ensure a high standard working environment across Polaris

The Polaris Sustainability Platform

Polaris Sustainability Approach

Our strategic approach, ambitions, and rationale behind our projects in Polaris are based on internationally recognized standards within sustainability:

Investment criteria

We have well defined minimum criteria that define which companies that we are willing to invest in and not.

Polaris Sustainability Due Diligence

A structured approach for how we evaluate potential investments with respect to sustainability.  The evaluation includes Polaris Sustainability Checklist which is an assessment tool to evaluate the maturity of a company’s sustainability structure and processes.

Polaris Sustainability Program

A standard program containing structure and processes related to sustainability which is used to support the development of a sustainability agenda in each Polaris portfolio company. The program is an integrated part of Polaris Excellence Model which is our way of working together with our portfolio companies.

Polaris Sustainability Group

We regularly gather all the lead sustainability officers in our portfolio companies in a joint working group to share knowledge, best practises and to discuss important sustainability topics.

Polaris Annual Sustainability Report 2021

We encourage you to review Polaris latest Sustainability report for more detailed information about our work with sustainability. We annually publish an extensive sustainability report to provide transparency on our work and our progress.

In the latest report you will learn more about:

  • Our approach towards sustainability in Polaris
  • How we integrate sustainability in our investment process
  • How we work with sustainability in our portfolio companies
  • How each portfolio company is doing with respect to sustainability
  • What we are doing at Polaris Management A/S to address sustainability
  • The governance process around sustainability

Previous Sustainability Reports

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