Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt appointed new CEO at TRIAX

After more than 8 years of service, Mr. Claus Omann has accepted an assignment outside the TRIAX group of companies. Claus has served during periods of expansion as well as contraction of the TRIAX line of business. Most recently, after the acquisition by Polaris Private Equity in 2015, he has contributed to successfully transforming TRIAX into becoming a service and solution provider within connectivity to Local Closed Networks.

Mr. Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt has been promoted to CEO from his current position as CPSO (Chief Product and Solution Officer), a position that Peter has held for more than two years. Previously, Peter was serving as Product Director and has 4 years of tenure with TRIAX. Peter comes from various positions within the Telecom Industry.

Peter will continue to execute on the strategies already defined. With a keen focus on execution, Peter will be leading a strong team of professionals servicing customers within TRIAX’ three lines of business.

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