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Polaris is an investment company focused on supporting mid-sized companies in the Nordics since 1998. We are founded on the belief that the Power of Partnership can help companies realize their full potential.

Through our Nordic roots and relationships, we work closely with our portfolio companies to achieve shared visions and goals. We take pride in having shared this journey for more than 25 years with our investors and many partners – management teams, board members, co-investors, financing institutions and advisors.

Our Focus

Investments in Nordic mid-sized companies

At Polaris, we have since 1998 consistently focused on investing in Nordic mid-sized companies. Typically, this means companies with sales from EUR 20m and up to EUR 500m. Our way of working is founded on the belief that the challenges in developing mid-sized companies are unique and require a tailored approach, which we have refined over the past 25 years.

Our Objective

Support companies to develop their potential

Our objective is to invest in mid-sized Nordic companies. Through our complementing investment strategies, we can provide both equity and debt financing for both private and public companies and cover a broad range of needs and situations.

Irrespective of how we invest, we leverage our long history of working together with mid-sized companies and our shared belief that strong partnerships are the key to support companies developing their full potential.

We set ambitious goals, and we approach them with both respect, humility and confidence.

Our Approach

Utilizing the Polaris Excellence Model in our work

Through our partnerships based on ambition, trust, and expertise, our approach is to be able to provide hands-on support to the companies we invest in.

Our experience and network have been used to create the Polaris Excellence Model – A structured approach which enables the management of our portfolio companies to execute their ambitions and realize their company’s full potential.

Our investors

Polaris was founded in 1998. Since then, we have secured close to 2 billion Euros for investments from a broad group of institutional investors in the Nordics and throughout Europe. These investors include insurance companies, financial institutions, pension funds and family offices. In addition, we as the Polaris Team, commit our own money to the funds and therefore align our interests with our partners.

Our active funds are shown below:

Vintage 2015

Polaris Private Equity IV

Commitment EUR 180m

Vintage 2021

Polaris Private Equity V

Commitment EUR 270m

Vintage 2009

Polaris Flexible Capital I

Commitment EUR 365m

Vintage 2015

Polaris Public Equity

Commitment EUR 450m

Some of our investors

A deeper look at Polaris investors

Investors by Industry

Investors by Geography

Polaris History


Polaris was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1998 by Viggo Nedergaard Jensen as the first Managing Partner. The strategy, which remains to this day, was to invest in and develop medium-sized companies in the region. A total of 180 MEUR of capital was raised in the same year and the first two investments were made in 1999, Logstor and Louis Poulsen.

The initiative behind the creation of Polaris, and the initial investors, were a group of leading Danish institutions: the leading bank, Danske Bank, the state pension fund ATP, the leading private pension provider PFA and the largest Danish private company A.P Møller – Maersk.

The Polaris team in 2002. Viggo Nedergaard Jensen furthest to right.
The Polaris team in 2002. Viggo Nedergaard Jensen furthest to right.


The Øresund-bridge was opened in 2000 and established a closer link between Copenhagen and the southern part of Sweden. Polaris has initially only focused on Denmark but expanded the team with its first Swedish staff and started to invest in Sweden in 2005 with its second fund with 270 MEUR of capital. At the end of the year, Polaris had made its first two investments in Sweden, Add Pro and Jetpak, and had a total of eleven platform investments.


Jan Johan Kühl was recruited as the new Managing Partner in 2007 and in 2009, he and the team raised 365 MEUR for Polaris’ third fund during the global financial crisis. At that time, Polaris had eleven portfolio companies and thirteen employees, of which seven were still with the company at the end of 2021. Polaris start to organize the first value creation workshops for the management teams in their portfolio companies.


Polaris continues to invest in mid-sized companies and raises 450m EUR to its third fund.  At the end of the year, Polaris had 12 portfolio companies and 19 employees. After having executed 26 workshops for its portfolio companies, Polaris structures its support to its portfolio companies in Polaris Excellence Model.


Polaris celerbrates its 25-year anniversary and launches its third strategy for investing in the Nordic mid-market through minority positions in listed companies:  Polaris Public Equity.


Polaris continues to grow and develop its focus on mid-market companies with its fifth fund with 650 MEUR of capital, +40 employees  and a portfolio of 17 companies. Through the new fund, Polaris Flexible Capital, Polaris is preparing to broaden its investments in mid-sized companies through minority shareholdings and junior debt.

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