Announcing the launch of Polaris Public Equity: Private equity style investing in Nordic listed companies

We are excited to announce Polaris Public Equity, a Nordic-focused fund targeting investments in small and mid-sized public companies. The fund will make private equity style minority investments in public markets using our extensive private equity toolbox. We invest with an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years and hold significant ownership positions, often between 5 and 10 percent. We will actively support management teams and other owners through a collaborative engagement strategy.

“The Nordic small and mid-cap market often goes unnoticed, and many promising companies fly under the radar of equity research firms and public market investors. This sets the stage for us to deploy and leverage Polaris’ ability to identify high-potential companies in the public market, in order to drive long-term value creation.”, said Roger Hagborg, Portfolio Manager, Polaris Public Equity.

The team is led by Roger Hagborg, and includes Oskar Andersson, Oda H. Bjørndalen, and Carl Brusewitz, with continuous support from the wider Polaris organization.

Press release (Danish): Press release

Press release (English): Press release

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