VIKINGBUS launches Fleet, a new intercity bus service

We are excited to announce that VIKINGBUS, a Polaris portfolio company, has launched Fleet, a new Danish intercity bus service. Fleet will operate daily departures between the largest Danish cities and offer more than 160 weekly departures across 19 cities, with more cities to come.

Fleet aims to offer a streamlined digital customer experience through the Fleet Bus App, while catering to the customers’ spontaneous behavior. “The biggest difference between Fleet and the existing intercity bus services is that we can offer a flexibility, which is very fitting to the nature our current travel style. With Fleet, customers are guaranteed a seat as long as they book a spot at least 24 hours before departure. In other words, we will give customers what they demand the most; the freedom to be spontaneous and book a seat at a competitive price in the last minute”, says Thomas Wandahl, CEO at VIKINGBUS.

Please see the full press release below and visit Fleet’s website:


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