Polaris widens strategic perspective and launches Polaris Flexible Capital

The launch of Polaris Flexible Capital sees Polaris expanding activities with investments in subordinated loan capital (junior capital etc.) and minority shareholdings. Polaris Flexible Capital is an addition to Polaris’ existing activities and is established with its own investment team, an independent investment committee and an independent Investment Advisory Board with external members.

”Demand for flexible capital is on the rise, and we have already received a lot of positive feedback and capital commitments from investors looking for investments with attractive risk-adjusted returns. We are therefore looking forward to becoming part of Polaris, which for more than 20 years has created good results and built a strong infrastructure and close partnerships with a series of exciting and ambitious companies in the Nordics,” says Jesper Langmack, who has been appointed Head of Polaris Flexible Capital and will draw on his comprehensive experience with investments in equities and alternatives from Danica Pension, PFA Pension and Nykredit.

Peter Høltermand has been appointed Chairman of the Investment Advisory Board and will contribute with a strong network and his unique insight in capital markets and financing from more than 30 years in the financial sector, most recently with SEB where he headed the Danish branch since 2003 and has been part of the Scandinavian executive management since 2011. Peter Høltermand will become a member of the board of Polaris Management A/S. Simultaneously, Kent Brovn Arp is appointed Partner of Polaris Flexible Capital, bringing strong competencies in the field from several years as investment responsible in Danica Pension and PensionDanmark as well as corporate finance advisor at KPMG and EY.

Polaris Flexible Capital is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and will typically invest DKK 50-200 million across companies’ capital structure focusing on junior debt tailored to the specific company as well as minority shareholdings. The Fund is expected to complete capital raising of around DKK 1 billion in Q2 2022.

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For additional information:
Jan Johan Kühl, Managing Partner, Polaris, tel. +45 23 25 32 66
Jesper Langmack, Head of Polaris Flexible Capital, tel. +45 30 58 46 84
Peter Høltermand, Chairman of Polaris Flexible Capital Investment Advisory Board, tel. +45 40 86 06 65

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