What does Configit software actually do?

For all those of you who are not familiar with the power of configuration software or why it is used, check out this configurator demo from Configit: demo.configit.com/BikeShop2/Default.aspx

The configurator helps the customer of a bike shop design a bike that can actually be built, and explicitly provides valid options for the remaining components that have yet to be selected. If you select two incompatible options, the configurator will ask you which of the two choices you would like to keep. Finally, it also provides an automatic valid completion of the product if the customer is indifferent regarding certain options.

Configit’s patented virtual tabulation technology stores all possible valid configurations, meaning that the customer can begin their configuration starting from any component, be it their height, their preferred bike frame, or the number of gears they want. It is this same technology that is at the heart of configurators at customers such as Jaguar Land Rover, ABB, Vestas, and Siemens, and which ensures that these customers’ highly complex and very expensive products always are valid and can in fact be built. That is the power of configuration.

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