Anne Holm Rannaleet

Anne Holm Rannaleet was part of the team that built IK, since inception in 1989. Anne served as a Finance Director until 1999 and thereafter as Information Director responsible for Communication, Knowledge Management and Legal Control.

Bertil Villard

Bertil Villard is a former partner at Vinge and currently serves as member of the board for various companies and entities.

Erik G. Hansen

Erik G. Hansen worked a number of years at A.P.Moller – Maersk and latest as CFO. Now Erik is amongst others board member at Bavarian Nordic, Bagger-Sørensen, PFA Pension and ECCO.


Emilie Gøbel Moesgaard

Emilie Gøbel Moesgaard joined Polaris in 2017.

Ying Chen

Ying Chen joined Polaris in 2016.

Patrik Nilsson

Patrik Nilsson has been with Polaris since August 2019. B.Sc. Business and Economics, Lund University.

Martin Godsk Kristensen

Martin Godsk Kristensen has been with Polaris since February 2019. Student, M.Sc. Applied Economics and Finance, Copenhagen Business School. B.Sc. International Business (GLOBE), Copenhagen Business School.

Sebastian Goth Ingemann

Sebastian Goth Ingemann has been with Polaris since January 2019. B.Sc. International Business (GLOBE), Copenhagen Business School.

Tine Rimhoff

Executive Assistant, Head of Reception. Joined Polaris in 2003. Previously employed with PFA Pension.